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  • First Sunday of June

    Date: 2013.06.10 | Category: Staycation, Travels | Response: 0

    It’s our 6th month of going up to Tagaytay to attend mass every first Sunday. This month is a little different because we went there on a Saturday and checked in Hotel Kimberly Tagaytay for a little staycation. My husband had his team building from Friday to Saturday so he commuted from their hotel in Cavite to Tagaytay while I drive (for the first time from homeĀ  to Tagaytay) with the nanny and DS.

    First time to drive to Tagaytay from Taguig. Whew! Thank you Lord we're here safe.

    Thank God we arrived in Tagaytay safe. It took us 2 hours to get there because of the traffic in SLEX.

    The boy is too excited to pose for pictures, good thing I got 2 nice shots. Last hurrah for summer.

    Taken at the lobby and in our room.

    The place was very quiet and simple. I love the staff of the hotel, they were accommodating and the place was well maintained even if it’s small. I love their pool are and the vast playground. My son had so much fun playing there.

    Last Summer Hurrah 2013

    Enjoying the pool yesterday afternoon.

    Their food are good and surprisingly cheap. The prices are just comparable to restaurants and the servings are huge. We will definitely come back to Hotel Kimberly!

    Breakfast before mass.

    Taken during our buffet breakfast before heading to Pink Sisters to attend the first Sunday mass of June!

  • Tagaytay Trip

    Date: 2012.06.08 | Category: Mi Familia, Subtle Screamer, Travels | Response: 0

    Last Sunday we went up to Tagaytay with my parents and brother’s family to attend mass at Pink Sisters and do a little marketing at the Mahogany Market right before a sumptuous lunch at Leslie’s. We drove test Dad’s new car with its gps vehicle tracking that is really cool and my son enjoyed watching Bee Movie in its television monitor. But what I most love about the trip is the Tagaytay weather, since it was really raining the night before, the weather was really cool and windy. I’m glad I brought my son his jacket and brought my scarf too. I would love to own a rest house in Tagaytay, I hope we win the lottery and it will definitely be on the top of my list to invest for.

    Kumu-cougar ang peg  I love the Tagaytay weather, sana manalo sa lotto!

  • Boracay Next Summer

    Date: 2012.05.17 | Category: Subtle Screamer, Travels | Response: 0

    Summer is almost over but as early as today, we are already planning to book plane tickets and hotel accommodations for next year’s summer. We are planning to go to Boracay by March of next year and how I wish it is that easy to book everything, so easy like booking a room in like what my Aunt told me before but Boracay is a small island with really expensive rooms if you want to stay in those really nice hotels. I will be needing ample savings for this trip since we will be staying for five days plus we will be bringing Nanny with us and saving for four people is really hard especially if you are also considering of having a baby on the same year. Yes, we are seriously considering of adding another member to our family next year since my OB gave me a “kinda” ultimatum when it comes to child bearing because of my situation which is another story all by itself. Anyway, we will cross the bridge when we get there but right now, this vacation is what I am still thinking of.

  • Subic Trip Day 1

    Date: 2011.03.21 | Category: Family Shindig, Mi Familia, Travels | Response: 1

    It was my first time to go on an out of town trip with my in laws. It was almost canceled due to the events in Japan resulting to Tsunami warnings the night before but the family decided to go on with the trip since the warnings were lifted the next day. We were in a hurry to pack and I was in a panic, I am not a fast packer and I always pack days before a trip, good thing I have a list so it wasn’t really that hard to sort things out. Anyway, we went to Subic for an overnight stay and it was really fun. We spent the first day, swimming and going around Subic. Here are the photos…





    We ended the day eating dinner at my parents in law’s room after going shopping in the nearby grocery outlet.

  • Ideal Family Trip

    Date: 2010.11.20 | Category: Subtle Screamer, Travels | Response: 0

    My Aunt and her family went to Branson and got one of those Branson vacation packages. They got it from the site Branson Getaways and I think it was really brilliant that this time they got a vacation package because they didn’t know anyone from Branson plus it was their first time to go there this year so they are actually clueless of what to do there. The vacation was successful, Branson was amazing and I think they never thought Branson, Missouri is actually exciting. My cousins were skeptic but they enjoyed the theme park plus the live music especially during at night where they went around to watch world class performers. We might visit them next year, hopefully and I hope we can drop by Branson as well. With the nice words from my Aunt and cousins, I think Branson is one of the places to be for me and my family.


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