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  • Raising a Happy Child

    Date: 2014.01.29 | Category: Mommyhood | Response: 0

    I saw this over at Pinterest and I think it summarizes the whole discipline thing for parents….

    Big Help to Parents

  • On Talking Back

    Date: 2014.01.14 | Category: Child Care, Mommyhood, Subtle Screamer | Response: 0

    I saw a few click here links while browsing and I had a fun reading at articles about children and discipline. I found them really helpful and somehow it explains to me that at my son’s age, he is experimenting on what attitude he can apply to us and we should know how to react when this kind of situation happens.

    According to Baby Center:

    Be firm about what you do expect. If “whatever” isn’t an acceptable response to a request, make sure he knows it. If he continues to say it, follow through on whatever consequences you’ve discussed.

    When everyone has calmed down, discuss the disrespect. Let him know you can see that he’s upset, but calling you “poophead” isn’t going to solve anything. See if you can get to the bottom of his frustration. Maybe he won’t get the mail for you because he’s afraid of the neighbor’s dog. Walk him through more productive ways to handle his fear. Role-play what he could have said (“I’m scared Mrs. Smith’s dog will bite me”) and try to come up with a workable solution together.

  • My Music Lover Son

    Date: 2013.11.05 | Category: Mommyhood, Subtle Screamer | Response: 0

    My son loves music. I usually play Korean Drama OST every morning and he picks up the tune and he invents korean words to sing along to some of the songs. I find it very amusing. He is also inclined to dancing. He was asking me the other day to download one of his favorite Fast and The Furious soundtrack so that he can sing along while he plays with his toy cars. He also loves belting out songs from the movies he watches frequently and on seldom days, he would sing not so familiar songs which he listens to with his nanny and it surprises me on how he picks it up easily. He once saw a boy play an williams allegro 88-key digital piano at wwbw and he said that he wants to learn how to play that as well. I would love to see him play an instrument someday, I hope he gets really interested and in the right time I will let him study playing one if he is still very interested.

  • 10 Ways for Moms to Respect Their Sons

    Date: 2012.10.12 | Category: Mommyhood | Response: 5

    Perfect moms don’t exist. If somebody claimed that she is a perfect mom, she must be lying. Your son is a newborn, you learn how to take care of one… Then he becomes a toddler, new challenges come in the way and each stage of his growing years is a constant learning to moms as well. We don’t have time to be perfect since change is the only constant thing on parenting. But I think there is one aspect in parenting where you can practice perfection and that is respect to your child. Even if you are the mom, I think that practicing respect will also teach your child to respect you in return.


    1. Set Jesus as the Standard
    2. Pray for Them and Over Them
    3. Watch Your Tone
    4. Let Them Make Decisions
    5. Serve Them
    6. Teach Them to Serve You
    7. No Secrets
    8. Name Sin Biblically
    9. Name Character Biblically
    10. Let Consequences Fall on Their Heads

    For more detailed post on each list, please visit here:

  • What Moms Should Teach Their Sons

    Date: 2012.08.23 | Category: Mommyhood | Response: 0

    I find this very amusing and funny…


    I might teach my son some of the items on the list. the word is MIGHT. LOL :)


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