• Busy Day

    Date: 2011.08.08 | Category: Blogging, Randomness, Subtle Screamer | Tags:

    I want to look for some reliable credit repair to help a friend but my Monday today was too hectic, I was able to talk to her just this afternoon.We had to wake up early since it’s a Monday but then we ended up running late because of the hideous traffic in C5. Then I had to attend to some paper works at the hospital and some weekly report from the previous week. I also attended to a couple of patients who either went in groups or went in just before lunch break so I ended up going to lunch a tad late but it’s all good since I ate lunch with the husband who accompanied me to the mall to go to Healthy Options to buy a couple of important items. Then afternoon didn’t spare me because we had a couple of Ophthalmology cases. Then we had to go out late from work since hubby’s work schedule is flexible and we came in late this morning. I miss my son and I am blogging in the car on the way home right now, I can’t wait to just sit and relax at home with some entertainment from my kiddo.