• Honing for Sports

    Date: 2011.08.01 | Category: Baby D. | Tags:

    Last Friday, it was my DS first time to attend their PE class and met his PE teacher. He was a bit uncomfortable of having a guy teacher in the room but he got really comfortable after a few minutes and I was told that he played ball very well with his classmates, knowing how to take turns and share and his PE teacher even said, that DS is like a basketball player. Maybe he saw the moves from his dad, I have no idea but at least, he had so much fun on his first PE class. When it comes to choosing his sport for him, we are really not forcing him to want anything that he will not enjoy. Maybe, this coming Summer, I will enroll him to a soccer program to try but when it comes to loving the sport, that is all up to him. I just want him to get into sports, no matter what it is, I am not pressured to choose anything. Anyway, here is something I read from Baby Center:

    Your 4 1/4 year old: Too soon for sports?

    It’s generally considered premature to think about sports for a 4-year-old. Most fours still lack the physical or mental skills necessary to enjoy learning a game (like the ability to pay attention, focus, and follow rules). At this age, they’re also starting to feel more self-conscious. Striking out in front of a big crowd may lead to tears and frustration and turn them off sports for good.

    So what should you do for now? All kids hone their physical skills through play. An hour of exercise is the minimum recommended for this age, so make sure they get plenty of backyard or park time. Clambering on playground equipment or riding a bike works as well as playing catch. Once your child becomes more coordinated, in elementary school, he’ll be more ready for organized sports and more enthusiastic about the idea. And as his personal interests and abilities blossom, it’ll be easier to find a good match for him.

    I guess, we are on the right track. :D