• Random Updates

    Date: 2010.07.08 | Category: Randomness, Subtle Screamer | Tags:

    I knew July is a very busy month. Here are my updates:

    • A friend is coming from Singapore and another one from Hong Kong and they are both paying a visit which means more meet up with my girl friends. My much needed me time with friends.
    • Meet ups mean money as well, we have one shopping date and the other one will be a lunch out with our families. So this means I need to work harder to earn what I have to spend those days.
    • Still searching for more fat burners, not for myself but also for friends who I am supporting in their losing weight programs.
    • A childhood friend is treating us to a birthday dinner and it is my first time after a long time to go out at night again and I’m glad my husband allowed me and even gave it a go if we want to try a Margarita or a Tequila. Sweet!
    • Birthday month of my brother as well.

    July is a happy month so far. Thank you Lord! :D