• Life Insurance

    Date: 2010.07.08 | Category: Subtle Screamer, Work | Tags:

    Friends at work compare life insurance most of the time now that they are both retiring soon. I hear them talk about it everyday,I find it entertaining more often than not. One friend feels sorry she got one and the other is grateful she is paying for it. While I think they both have their own point, I find insurance a very must be studied investment, as I call it because for me it is indeed an investment and any investment needs attention. I still think that it is a risk to pay for something that you haven’t studied thoroughly. One of them got the right insurance because she studied the company, talked to clients of that company and chose the right insurance that she can pay monthly while my other friend didn’t do anything before getting one. Too bad our work don’t obliged us to get any insurance and doesn’t even support of paying anything for us, I wish they have so our future after retirement is still bright.