• 3 Ways to Revive Tired Eyes

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    I am spending too much time in front of the computer and I think I need eyeglasses since I am feeling headaches now and then plus most of the time, I see double or blurred. I used to have prescription glasses and I’m not wearing it anymore and I’m sure my eye power already increased. Since, I am an optometrist, I will be giving tips to keep your eyes from getting tired…

    1. After an hour in front of the computer, take a rest. Look far, preferably at green object (ex. trees) for 10-15 minutes.
    2. Never rub your tired eyes. Blink. Consciously blink often especially when exposed to bright light like your computer screen.
    3. Use proper lighting.
    4. Observe proper position and distance.
    5. If you have prescription glasses, wear then regularly.
    6. Avoid caffeine.
    7. Get enough sleep.

    Tired Eyes

    But most of us cannot avoid tired eyes so here are important ways to revive your tired eyes…

    1. Slice a cucumber. Dermatologists aren’t sure what’s behind the anti-inflammatory effects of cucumbers, but here’s a possible explanation: The veggies contain a combo of mild natural acids that reduce water retention. Some beauty pros say cucumbers work best when they’re cold, which makes sense: Because cukes are 90% water, chilled slices are like delicate mini ice packs.

    2. Make a milk bath. Milk is a natural soother if eyes are irritated as well as puffy. “Just don’t use skim milk, since it doesn’t contain fat, one of milk’s most soothing components,” says New York dermatologist Amy Wechsler, MD. Other ingredients in milk that calm swollen skin: protein, amino acids, lactic acid, and vitamins A and D. Pour milk into a bowl of ice so it gets really cold, saturate a clean washcloth, and apply to eyes for up to 15 minutes. Soak and reapply when the cloth loses its cool.

    3. Reach for the peas. Any bag of frozen food will do, but frozen baby peas have a way of fitting into the nooks and crannies around your eyes. Put a soft cloth around the plastic package to protect your skin from the frigid surface, then chill out for 5 to 15 minutes while the cold shrinks the swelling.

  • Season of Lent

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    I usually observe the season of Lent starting Palm Sunday until Black Saturday but this year, I’ve decided to offer my 40 Days plus 6 Sundays in observance of Lent. I won’t list down the details of my sacrifices but I want to share a .pdf link here of what I will do for these days. Anyway, a few photos I saw online in time for this season…

    What you can sacrifice…


    Some of the things that you can do and some words that you can reflect on…


    You can also include a few moments to read His words…


    May you be blessed and have a fruitful observance of Lent.


  • I Collect Watches

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    Did I ever mentioned in this blog that I love watches? I don’t usually wear one often but I have a few collection that I try to maintain. I find it really useful not just by telling time but also as an accessory especially if you don’t what to accessorize for your whole outfit. I still have 2 watches that I really want to invest on, a Rolex and a Tag Heuer and since the latter is much more affordable, I think I will invest on that first. I was looking for a TAG that I “might” buy for myself on my birthday and I was so surprised to see so much that I like but of course, I had to narrow down my choices or else, I will have a hard time deciding and here are what’s left on the list…





  • Raising a Happy Child

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    I saw this over at Pinterest and I think it summarizes the whole discipline thing for parents….

    Big Help to Parents

  • Sharing from Pinterest

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    I love Pinterest and how it can spread inspiration…


    Speak and Listen

    and two of my favorites…


    Time with God


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